Secure Wireless

Secure your business with effective wireless

Wi-Fi offers you a chance to compete. Achieve increased productivity and customer satisfaction by providing of an effective wireless network for your employees and guests. The team at Solutions Plus understands that enabling Wi-Fi is easy but security can be a challenge. We’ve partnered with WatchGuard Technologies to make sure your business implements the right technology so your corporate data, customer privacy, and reputation will be properly secured.

Here are the top risks facing your wireless environment:

  • Wi-Fi Password Cracking – Networks with access points that are using older security protocols, such as WEP, are easy targets because the passwords are notoriously easy to crack.
  • Rogue Hotspots – There is no physical protection from a cyber-criminal enabling a foreign point of access close to your hotspot with a matching SSID, which invites unsuspecting users to connect. Users that fall victim to the rogue access point can be susceptible to a malicious injection of code.
  • Planting Malware – A commonly seen tactic used by cyber-criminals is to plant a backdoor on the wireless networks, allowing them to return at a later date to steal private data.
  • Eavesdropping – Guests will often run the risk of having private information and communications detected by nosey cyber snoops while on an unprotected wireless network.
  • Data Theft – User often join wireless networks at the risk of losing private documents that may contain confidential information to cyber-criminals that intercepts information being transferred through the network.
  • Inappropriate and Illegal Usage – Adult or extremist media can be offensive to users, and illegal downloads of restricted content leaves the business vulnerable to issues as a result of copyright infringement.
  • Bad Neighbors – Mobile attacks, such as Android’s Stagefright, can easily spread, even if the first victim is unaware to the outbreak.

Don’t let your Wi-Fi network keep you up at night. Solutions Plus customers can connect to their wireless networks with confidence.

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