Solutions Plus is one of Australia’s leading resellers of WatchGuard firewall devices

We supply and support all WatchGuard firewall products, as well as Wireless Access Points and Email Gateways.

Founded in 1996, and currently with headquarters located in Seattle, WA, USA. Since then, they have sold over one-half million network security appliances to hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the world.

Solutions Plus provides watchguard support and services

While the technologies, performance, and individual features of those products have evolved and grown since its inception, the underlying philosophy has remained the same for WatchGuard. It strives to deliver strong security that is easy to manage and monitor, at an affordable price. WatchGuard’s XTM and XTMv family of all-in-one solutions provides enterprise-grade network protection for small to midsize businesses, keeping your network secure and turning the Internet from a security risk to a business empowerment tool.

Safe & Secure with WatchGuard XTM

With a range of capabilities unmatched in its class, the XTM enables organizations to define, enforce, and audit a strong security and acceptable use policy.

  • Defend Resources with powerful firewall, anti-malware, and intrusion prevention.
  • Connect remote Offices Securely and allow remote workers to access corporate resources from anywhere, anytime.
  • Extend the XTM’s best-in-class security to the WLAN by adding wireless access points. The AP100 and AP200 let you harness the power of mobile devices without putting network assets at risk.
  • Enforce Acceptable Use with WebBlocker, spamBlocker, Application Control, and Reputation Enabled Defense – tools that safeguard employee Internet use while providing IT with deep visibility into usage patterns.

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WatchGuard Partners

Solutions Plus Australia have received many awards as part of the Partner program, and have been providing and supporting WatchGuard devices to SMB and SME clients for many years. Over the last 10 years, we have received five Elite Partner of Year awards, and come runner-up several times also. These awards were awarded to us, as we compete against other providers in the Southern Region of Australia.

We are proud to support WatchGuard devices as we believe that they are the “Number 1” firewall security device. They have the awards to prove it…

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