Computer Networking

Many small and medium businesses lack internal networking expertise due to the financial expense of having a full time IT professional on staff. We specialise in providing SME’s with the specialist network expertise that the bigger companies are accustomed to, at a much more affordable price. Our highly skilled engineers not only resolve day-to-day issues but can also look at overall business processes in order to suggest better practises and infrastructure solutions. We have skilled staff that can assist you in all areas of networking.

Our network services include:

  • Planning and rolling out of Standard Operating Environments (SOE)
  • Network Design
  • Designing infrastructure models
  • Designing security models
  • Mapping out potential network growth
  • Planning of integration of legacy systems
  • Installation of brand new networks
  • Current network redesign and assessment
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation
  • Planning of Storage Area Networks

Network Upgrades
Our network analysers can identify any potential bottlenecks in your network and propose a carefully laid out upgrade. Some aspects of network upgrading include:

  • Upgrading networks from 100Mb to 1Gb
  • WAN bandwidth upgrades
  • ISP changeover management
  • Migration from pop3 to centralised email system
  • Server room enhancements
  • Data centre upgrades and maintenance

Network Installations
Solutions Plus Australia Pty Ltd is able to coordinate and implement a complete network with the latest systems. Some network installation examples include:

  • Installation of brand new networks and network redesign
  • Installation of wired and wireless networks
  • Coordination of office IT infrastructure relocation
  • Server room setup and maintenance

Network Support and Maintenance
We can cover all of your network support requirements, end to end. Find out more about network support and maintenance.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s)

We can create and install a solution for your business that can accommodate mobile users as well as setting up interstate office secure connections. Some of the VPN connections that we implement for remote and site-to-site connections include:

Microsoft Trml and ISA server, Watchguard PPTP or IPSec , Cisco PIX PPTP or IPSec, Linksys VPN’s and many more.

Wireless Networks
Now that wireless networks are becoming more widely accepted, and with the demand for national coverage increasing, we can implement and secure your wireless network by:

  • Reviewing your current WiFi network structure
  • Review and test your wireless security model
  • Review and fix possible network intrusion threats