Microsoft Volume Licensing

Solutions Plus offers all of the Microsoft Volume Licensing options available to all businesses that currently use, or wish to purchase Microsoft software products.

Microsoft Volume Licensing options:

Microsoft Volume Licensing programs serve organisations that acquire five or more licenses, but do not need multiple copies of the media and the documentation, and do not want to keep track of numerous individual license agreements. Volume Licensing offers the potential for substantial savings, ease of deployment, flexible acquisition, varied payment options, and other benefits, such as ongoing maintenance. Volume Licensing programs are tailored to your specific needs, based on program type, organisation size, and market segment.

Microsoft Volume Licensing Melbourne

Microsoft Volume Licensing Programs for Your Organisation Type and Size

At the most elementary level, Microsoft Volume Licensing program models address organisations in the following two main categories:

  • Organisations with more than five but fewer than 250 computers
  • Organisations with more than 250 computers

For organisations with fewer than 250 computers, the Microsoft Open Programs provide volume discounts for a minimal up-front cost and are widely available through the worldwide partner channel. Open Programs provide the following three purchasing license options for commercial businesses:

  • Open Value is for organisations with as few as five desktop PCs. The Open Value program is a flexible and affordable way to use and manage Microsoft licensed products under a single agreement. The program is a three-year term commitment that includes Software Assurance as a fixed benefit. The Open Value program offers three options: Company-wide, Non–Company-wide, and Open Value Subscription.
  • Open Value Subscription is for customers who want to subscribe to, rather than acquire, Microsoft product licenses. Microsoft Open Value Subscription provides the lowest up-front costs of the Open Programs with the flexibility to reduce their total licensing costs in years when their desktop PC count declines.
  • Open License is for customers who want a minimum initial purchase of only five software licenses. This program is ideal if you prefer to pay-as-you-go and change your licensing program as your business grows. You can qualify for volume purchasing under the volume feature of Open License. Open volume purchasing is for customers who can meet minimum purchase levels using a system of product pools and points. With an entry minimum of 500 points from a single product pool, this program offers deeper discounts for a greater savings.

Online license account management is accessed through the VLSC.

It provides simpler deployment, upgrading, and patching. Use your volume license keys to perform multiple installations without having to enter a unique product ID code each time, saving you time and facilitating centralised deployment with disk imaging and software distribution.

Microsoft Office Volume Licensing

For organisations with 250 or more desktop PCs, Microsoft offers the following options:

  • Microsoft Select Plus is for midsize and large organisations with 250 or more desktop PCs with multiple affiliates that want to license software and services at any business unit level while still getting the price saving advantages of being a single organisation.
  • Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is for larger organisations that want to standardize their desktop IT across the enterprise, but retain the flexibility to purchase Microsoft software licenses and cloud services for different types of users. Based on a three-year enrollment term, it provides the deepest pricing discounts and the advantages of Software Assurance.
  • Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS) is a Volume Licensing program for large organisations that want to subscribe to—rather than purchase—Microsoft software licenses. This program provides similar advantages as the Enterprise Agreement with a lower initial cost based on a three-year subscription and the ability to increase or decrease subscription counts on an annual basis. However, unlike the EA where you retain perpetual use rights for the licenses you purchase, with this subscription agreement, you gain access to Microsoft software for only as long as you maintain your subscription.

In addition to size, you need to consider your organisation’s primary function. For example, additional discounts are given to some public sector organisations such as schools and universities.

Licensing Microsoft Cloud Services

In addition to traditional on-premises software licenses, Microsoft offers subscriptions to cloud services through the Microsoft Online Subscription Program. How you add cloud services through your Volume Licensing agreement depends on the following two factors:

  • The type of Volume Licensing agreement you have
  • The date that specific cloud services are made commercially available

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