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Building on almost 25 years’ experience within the IT industry, Solutions Plus is passionate about providing businesses with comprehensive IT support and management services in Melbourne and right across Australia. Scalable to any project size, we take great pride in our competitive prices and efficient response times, offering you value for money.

Reduce business down time and save money with our cloud computing services

An increasingly popular solution, cloud computing, or popularly known as “the cloud”, helps businesses maximise the effectiveness of available shared resources and provides coherence and economies of scale over a network.

Some of the benefits of cloud computing include:

  • Allows users to “spin up” computing resources on-demand for any purpose or type of workload.
  • Workloads can scale up or down as demands change. This is referred to as elasticity.
  • Users are only required to pay for what is used or pay per use. Computing resources are measured at a granular level to allow this.

Why choose Solutions Plus for all your cloud computing needs?

Solutions Plus currently leases space from NextDC in Melbourne and may have space available for you to host your own private cloud computing infrastructure. One of Australia’s most secure and modern data centre facilities, we can provide your business with fully hosted server infrastructure or house your company-owned servers.
Cloud Computing Melbourne

We can also help your business transition from an on premise solution to a public cloud based solution, such as Microsoft Office 365. We can plan and implement the migration, reducing down time and saving your business money.

For more information on our cloud computing services, please call us on (03) 9822 6999.

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